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I find the top three reasons people don’t work with a planner are:

  • 1) They don’t trust planners
  • 2) Their previous experiences ended badly
  • 3) They feel that the planner is just out for themselves

It’s a real shame because without a holistic financial plan, you may not end up where you think you’re going!

These reasons can be in any order, but the result of this is people feel at a disadvantage when sitting with a financial advisor and they may feel pressured to say yes. Another way to say that is in the past they may not have known how to say “NO!”

My practice is different. In my office, it’s “ok” to say “No” to me. I frankly don’t know how a holistic financial plan can be effectively created if we don’t coordinate and real coordination means you, the client, have to be candid with Clear Yess and Clear Nos.

By the way–being candid like this many times helps with all three reasons as to why people don’t work with planners because, you, the client are in control.

So remember–in my office, if you tell me “No” you don’t need to feel like you have to hide behind the mayonnaise jars at Costco when you see me.

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