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I thought I was saving for my retirement, until I lost 30% of my “savings” in the 2008 market crash. I am now truly saving for retirement, with the help of Integrated Financial Concepts.

~Neal K.

Bill and his team are people of integrity. I do not use that word lightly and am confident that as they studied my financial “platform” their concern was for doing what was “right” for my family.

I do, without hesitation, recommend IFC!! Give Bill and his team the time to analyze your situation, then listen to their recommended strategies that will change and protect your financial future!!

~Lance D.

(The team at IFC are) very knowledgeable of the overall financial market. They present the issues, benefits and alternatives clearly and succinctly, using an easy-to-understand financial process that emphasizes education, not products! His ethics are beyond reproach and his follow-up thorough without being intrusive. I enjoy working with him. I would recommend his services.

~Harry G.

You have been an invaluable asset in helping me change my thinking regarding saving, investing, borrowing, and debt. I also appreciate how you took the time to help me gather and analyze every aspect of financial status. I was also thrilled to learn how I could achieve my financial goals in an incredibly timely fashion and with almost ZERO risk!

I have already recommended you to several friends and family members. It’s great to work with someone in whom you know, trust, and have complete personal and professional confidence.

~William H.

We appreciate how Integrated Financial Concepts has succeeded in relating our financial goals and the management process with our Christian values, and for opening our minds to new concepts outside of conventional thought and wisdom. The concepts we discussed gave us a true understanding of how our money really works. The solutions that were provided also dovetail nicely with our real estate careers – it supports our career choice today, and will maximize our success in the long run. It seemed too good to be true at first, but the early results clearly speak for themselves, and the short- and long-term picture seems more realistic each day.

~Greg & Barbara S.

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