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There are few better feelings than the one that results from setting a goal, creating plan, seeing it through and accomplishing what you set out to do. Even the accomplishment of small goals give a sense of great satisfaction. The fact is that we as human beings love to get things done and to make our dreams come true. Allowing yourself to freely open up your mind, set your sights on your dreams and desires and see them through is the best reward in itself and can lead you to where you truly want to be which, after all, is to be happy. In the end, everything we do is about gaining greater happiness. And, when it comes to finances it’s no different. In fact, let me introduce you to the Happiness Equation.
The Happiness Equation is a simple formula that you can use to gain a higher quality of life through your financial decisions. Here it is:

Happiness = Goals + Planning – Uncertainty

It all begins with having a goal, sitting down and seeing clearly what you want and when you want it. Just like professional golfers visualize their shot before they take a swing, you too need to visualize your future before you make financial decisions. Then it’s important to put your goals in writing. There’s all kinds of research that prove that if you put your goals in writing you have a better chance of reaching them.

Okay, you have your goals in place. Now it’s time to create the plan that will get you to your goal. As with goals, those who make a written plan, review and adjust it as things shift and change, have a much higher probability of reaching their goals.

We all know that most plans don’t work out exactly as we envisioned. There always seems to be something else that enters the picture, and that is what we call uncertainty. A well-developed plan gives you the flexibility and confidence in handling uncertainty. If you have your goals visualized and a plan in place, then the negative effects (the reduction of happiness) are minimized. The bigger the unmanaged level of uncertainty, the bigger the loss in happiness.

This simple formula, Happiness = Goals + Planning – Uncertainty, can and will work in any aspect of your life. Whether it be remodeling that old kitchen, finding ways to travel for less or planning for retirement. This formula works! Put it to use now. And, if you need some assistance in defining your goals, developing a plan or pinpointing the uncertainties, I am just a phone call away.

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