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Sometimes it’s Good to Unplug

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Where is your phone? Do you have the television on? How about the radio? Did you know that Americans use electronic media 11+ hours of the day?! Whether it be your smartphone, television, computer, or radio we’re plugged into some type of technological media throughout the day. Doesn’t it seem out of hand?

Growing up, my family and I had dinner every night. We would sit at the table, laugh over the events that occurred that day and just enjoyed each other’s company while we salivated over my mother’s home cooked meal. Back then it was uncommon that the house phone would ring, but if it did, besides not be allowing to get up from the table, it wouldn’t even cross our minds to answer it. This was our time as a family to be together. With my family today I still follow these traditions. We have dinner every night and everyone puts their phone, tablet, computer, iPod and any other distractions away.

This day and age we can’t run away from technology. It’s in our homes, it’s in our workplace, it’s on the streets—it’s absolutely everywhere. But what we can do is take time away from it all and just unplug. Truly unplug!

Instead of turning on the TV at night, pick up a book, read a magazine, play some cards with your spouse, do something other than looking at the screen. Go camping, take a hike and turn your phone off and drop it in your backpack. We forget how freeing and good it can feel to be unplugged. So, this week try and make an extra effort and get away from the technology in the world. Just put down that iPhone 6, live in the moment, and enjoy the many non-technological fruits of life that are available to us.

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