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Happy First Day of Summer!

Did you know that in the United States over 650 million long-distance trips are made during the Summer? Planning and preparing for all those vacations can make the little “to-do’s” fall to the wayside.

Take a look below at a few reminders to ensure you’re not missing anything:

Sell It: Now is the perfect time hold a garage sale to declutter your house of everything that you have been wanting to get rid of and turn it into cash.

Clean It: Clean out your rain gutters to be sure those summer thunderstorms don’t turn into a bigger nightmare for you down the road.

Check It: Check your washing machine hoses and outdoor hoses regularly to know that they are still working properly.

Avoid It: Avoid garbage can odors which can get increasingly worst in the summer by lining your cans with extra liners.

Schedule It: Schedule your quarterly review of your retirement plan to ensure the plan still meets all of your retirement needs.

This is an exciting time of the year with lots of great things to look forward to. Don’t forget we’re here for any of your financial needs!

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