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  Is Guardian for Everyone?

Guardian offers its clients ‘Holistic, Comprehensive Wealth Management’ delivered by an independent, conflict-free Investment Advisor Representatives. We follow the fiduciary standard. What does that mean? A fiduciary always delivers ‘what is in the best interest of our clients.’ We are required by law to operate at the highest ethical standard compared to other traditional sources of financial advice. All other sources offer and provide their advice in a ‘suitability standard’ meaning they can put their needs before yours.

We are relationship based and partner with you under a fee arrangement as opposed to other advisors who charge large, up-front commissions.

  What if I don’t know anything about personal finance?

We are an excellent option because we offer the same program to all our clients, tailored to your unique circumstances. Whether you’re just launching your career, Within 15 years of retirement or already retired we will help you start making financial progress with easy to understand, achievable steps that don’t have you feeling overwhelmed.

  Can this work for singles, couples and families?

Absolutely! What we’ve learned over the years is that money doesn’t come with an ‘owners manual.’ Our program works with singles, married with and without children, Divorced, Domestic Partners, Multiple Marriages with extended families and the list goes on. The Guardian “Full Harvest Plan” is based on your financial information and needs – it is customized to meet your needs.

  What if I’m a Foreign National?

Yes! If you’re a non-US citizen with most of your financial assets located outside US there are some options for you. However if you’re a non-US citizen with US-based accounts, there are more options available for you.

  Why do I need a professional? Can’t I figure this out on my own?

There is a lot that contributes to your financial wellness. Doing it right is complicated. Think of us like a coach. There is a reason why the greatest athletes’ in the world have a coach. Professional guidance (coaching) is the best way to keep you focused on your current needs and long-term goals.

  How is Guardian different from other advisors?

We offer our clients holistic financial advice and guidance. We start our process with clearly understanding your financial wants, needs and desires. We build a comprehensive financial plan addressing all the financial issues that must be addressed, such as college funding, retirement accumulation and most importantly retirement depletion plans.

  Will Guardian hold my money?

NO. We act only in the capacity of your coach and advisor. Your money is held by Charles Schwab, the second largest custodian in the USA. Each month Charles Schwab will send you a statement, so you can rest assured that your money will be safely held.

  How do Guardian’s fees compare with other fee-based advisors?

We are competitive with other advisors offering similar services. We have two fees.

First there is a financial planning fee. The best way to understand the importance of the plan is to think like you want to build a custom home. To have your dream home, you must put a great deal of thought and time into the design of your home. This is the most important step. Plan development and creation can run from 3 to as much as 12 visits depending on the complexity of your situation. The fee will commensurate based on your individual complexity.

Secondly, there is the ongoing money management fee. When looking at fees you must also look at performance. Our fees are competitive within the market however our performance has been outstanding. Had you been our client on January 1st 2008, the year the market crashed by 40% through December 31, 2013 you would have had twice as much money after deducting my fees compared to having your money in the S & P 500 index fund.

  When do I get billed?

We bill quarterly, in advance. There is no contract. Either party has the right to cancel our agreement with 30 days notice.

  Is my information secure?

Absolutely – Your privacy and security are our top priority. We use multiple levels of password protection, our systems are scanned daily by McAfee SECURE and we shred all office documents. We will NEVER sell your email address, user name, password or any identifiable information about you or a family member.

In addition, Charles Schwab offers its clients the best of class security protecting your data and privacy.

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