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Last week we talked about making sure you have a solid holiday budget in place and how not to overspend. So if your eyes fell tired and you didn’t get to finish last week’s email, or you already stepped outside your budget, this email is going to cover some points on how to make sure your credit score doesn’t suffer from all the post-holiday “damage.” Let’s take a look at a couple quick tips so your score doesn’t drag you into the “dumps.”

Don’t DIY
While DIY projects are great, sometimes doing it yourself just isn’t the best option. Auto-pay options on your credit cards are a great way to ensure that you don’t miss any payments, resulting in your score lowering. Take a few minutes to setup all of your credit cards with the auto-pay feature so you can set it and forget it.

That Old Thing?
Closing your old credit card accounts, even if you don’t use them, can actually hurt your credit score. You’re better off stowing it away some place safe. Around the holidays, you may even find yourself shopping at stores that you don’t typically frequent throughout the rest of the year so you may discover you have a need for the old credit card.

Utilizing Your Credit Ratio
Your credit balance and limit are two major components to keep-in-mind during the holiday season. Too high of a balance will increase your utilization percentage and end up hurting your score. I know how easy it is to wrack up the credit card debt this time of year, but be sure to pay extra mind to this as to not let this affect you for months to come.

Check Your Score
It’s important to check your credit score regularly throughout the year, perhaps it becomes a little more important this time of year as you’re spending habits may become a little out of the ordinary. You can easily download the Credit Karma App on your phone to keep track free of charge.

The best thing you can do to keep yourself in check this holiday season is to be proactive.Have a question about your credit? Call me. Need advice on how to pay down your credit card debt without hurting your standard of living? Call me. Want to see if your current credit card situation can be managed better? Call me.

Remember, if you need anything, I’m only a phone call away to giving you a better peace of mind so you can sleep well at night.

Talk to you soon!

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