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It’s that time of the year! The seasons are changing once again and whether we are ready or not, it is time to say goodbye to summer. And, when one change occurs, such as a change in seasons, it often sparks other changes to follow. Of course, for me this meant thinking about how our finances change throughout the year and what we can do to anticipate and mitigate those changes.

Humans are funny characters; we are creatures of habit and have a tendency to hate change. When the seasons change, it can take some of us a little bit more time to fully adjust to the shift. Although it can feel that seemingly overnight the temperatures drop, perhaps less noticeable changes occur to your utility bills! During the first couple months of the season transitioning and our focus placed on adjusting to the temperature change, we might not notice that we are actually seeing a cost increase.

Here’s how to make your seasonal transition a little more comfortable for you and a little easier on your pocket!

  1. Fire It Up: Hold off as long as you can before you have to turn the furnace on. If you have an indoor fireplace or wood stove, use it for the nights that may be a little chilly but bearable. Just make sure you’ve had your annual chimney check-up before you set up your first cozy fire!

  2. Plug It In: Why warm up the whole house while you sleep when you can keep the focus on warming up the room you’re staying in? A space heater can do just that! There are space heaters that have automatic and timer shut off options so you can sleep safer at night. Save money and energy by plugging in a space heater that uses minimal amounts of electricity.

  3. The Dreadful Gutters: This is common preventative advice; make sure to clean your gutters! You don’t need water getting channeled behind the siding, flowing towards the foundation and causing a huge headache for you and a major dent in your savings account.

  4. Doors and Windows: Check to see if you have cracks or openings in your windows or doors. Ensuring everything is tightly sealed and caulked will conserve the heat in your home. Picture this: the warm air that escapes from the cracks in your home is just like money literally being thrown out the window.

Little things really do add up in the end – like a coin jar that you put all your loose change in. Taking the time to be extra careful and paying close attention to the details will help you and your wallet in the long run. Cash in this fall and save some extra money!

Stay warm and get ready to dust off those cozy sweaters and warm scarves!

See you soon!

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