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Integrated Financial Concepts — We are financial educators.

Whether it’s retirement income planning, tactical asset management, college planning or social security strategies, we aim to educate our clients how to be more efficient and strategic with their money, thus avoiding common financial planning mistakes. Being more efficient with your money is the safest method for building a solid foundation of protection and wealth.

Our belief is in fostering strong client relationships by acting with integrity, honesty, and maintaining close communications with my clients. We aim to bring a holistic view to retirement planning with both retirees and pre-retires that want to achieve a comfortable retirement. Our challenge is helping clients deal with their current mindset. There has to be a mindset change when a person enters retirement. They need to realize they are going from a growth and accumulation mode to an asset preservation mode. We believe in a fully holistic retirement plan including an income plan, an investment plan, a tax plan, a health-care plan, and an estate plan. However, most people don’t have a complete plan in any one of those areas, let alone all five areas.

Our mission is to empower our clients to make strategic decisions through the utilization of every resource available. Add to this, an experienced advisor who places the client’s goals above all else. Integrated Financial Concepts knows it’s not the product that produces optimal results, it’s the process and the strategies we use to employ it for the client.

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