Gifts for the Grad

Graduation season is upon us! Some of you may have already watched your child or grandchild walk across the stage and accept their diploma while others are anxiously awaiting. As exciting a time as this is, it can also offer that nervous anticipation knowing they’re taking their first steps into adulthood. No matter the feeling, …Read More

5 Strategies to “Boot” Financial Stress

Have you ever opened up a bill or a statement and the first word that came out of your jaw-dropped-mouth was an “uh-oh”? I’m sure it’s happened to all of us at some time or another. Between the bills, credit cards, ever-growing interest rates, savings, retirement, kids…the list goes on and on – it’s easy …Read More

Happy Mother’s Day!

Typically in these weekly newsletters, I like to give you some type of financial insight or show you ways to better budget and save your money. But today, I just want to write to all the Mother’s. So, to all you Mother’s out there… Happy Mother’s Day! Take this day to celebrate everything you’ve done, …Read More

Credit Card Got You in a Hole?

In today’s day and age, debt is something all too familiar for Americans. According to Consumer Reports; “8 out of 10 households average credit card debt is roughly $7,000.” And that’s just credit card debt; that doesn’t include your mortgage, auto loan, or college tuition. Unfortunately for so many of us, we don’t realize the …Read More

How Much Is Your Life Worth?

When asked the question; How much is your life worth? What are the first thoughts that come to mind? The first thought should be that the answer to that question is: priceless. You just can’t put a price-tag on your life or the lives of your loved ones. Of course, we can’t control everything but …Read More

Are You Thinking About Buying a Vacation Home?

Have you ever dreamed about buying a vacation home? A place where you can get away to relax yet still feels like home. A place where you can bring your family every summer to start new traditions and hopefully pass on to the next generation. While owning a vacation home is certainly considered a luxury, …Read More

How to Pay for Those “Wants”

When was the last time you were able to splurge on yourself? Or better yet, when was the last time you were able to spend a little money on something you wanted without having buyer’s remorse or the guilt of not using your money sagaciously? Sometimes, we all have that “something” we want. That “something” …Read More

5 Cost-Effective Ways To Spruce Up Your Yard

Some say a person’s yard and landscape is an expression of one’s self. It’s human and nature, together, that signifies a union of humbled peace and tranquility. As Mr. Miyagi says in the movie Karate Kid to Daniel-san as he teaches him the art of Bonsai; Daniel: “But how do I know if my picture’s the …Read More

To Save or To Shred?

I know we’re in the digital age, but for me, I like that piece of paper in my hand. I know it’s there and that I have it. I can see it, physically hold it and file it away safely in my cabinet. However, the other day, I went to put my personal 2016 tax …Read More

What To Do With Your Refund?

Did you take care of your 2016 taxes yet? Are you expecting a refund? If so, have you thought about what you were going to do with the extra chunk-of-change? I’m sure there are a couple of things you already have in mind! But without trying to wreck your dreams of running off to an …Read More